Music Video for Frithjof Toksvig

A 10 minute visit to an old lighthouse with actor Kaja Mærk Egeberg, at a stormy night, turned into 5 minutes of handheld footage. Inspired by the footage, Frithjof sent the song Godspeed, and together we worked out this little film.

Running With Insanity

Music Video for Alcoholic Faith Mission

Inspired by Roy Andersson’s En Kärlekshistoria, we cut up the film to the song, not creating a story, but a mood and an atmosphere. With that in mind, and a subtle storyline, we spend three days shooting it in northwest of Zealand.

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Modern Man

Music Video for E Bird

This song was part of the inspiration to the short film Closure.
In return for using the song in the end of the film, we made this video for E Bird.

We used the set of the film to make five settings, E Bird brought five different sets of clothes. Then we started playing around with tableaus, changing the clothing and camera angles – the video turned out very simple with an anti music video style.

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Short Film. 12 min

Daniel is left back with a mystery about his room mate’s suicide. He goes to visit the room mate’s parents to bring them some personal items from their son. Suddenly he is in the middle of a mourning family also looking for answers.

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Theater Trailers

Live performance recording

We’ve been creating trailers for Mungo Park and Betty Nansen in many years. Above and below you can see some examples. Theater often translates poorly on film, but it has a lot of effects as dramatic lights, sound and music that works good for a trailer. The aim is to create more of a teaser, than sum up the story.

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Music Video for Clemens

Oneirodyni is a single from the Danish rapper Clemens. Returning to his roots, and resuming the hardcore rap style and sound that started his career.
The songs sinister tone and lyrics are a visual portrait, in a mix of nightmare/amnesia atmosphere and old horror film footage.

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Commercial for Copenhagen City Hall

The films aim is to brand Copenhagen. We focus on the significance, the city and the people living in it contains, and try to stay out of the klichées as hand shakes in the airport and tourist spots.

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One Of Us

Commercial for En Af Os

A promotion film for a national campaign that seeks to de-stigmatize mental illness. It portraits three persons who deals with different diagnoses.
Behind the campaign are seven national organisations. The film is made for the social networks, and additionally made into three small TV spots.

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City Net

Commercial for City of Copenhagen, DSB and Movia

“City Net” is a film made as a cooperation between DSB, Movia and Copenhagen City Hall to encourage people to use public transportation within Copenhagen. The film was showed in trains, busses and metro stations in Copenhagen.

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Cph Moves

Commercial for Cph Moves

Montage of the activities during Cph Moves 2009 – an event with different sport activities focusing on having fun in the streets of Copenhagen.
The footage was distrubuted to televison in China and other countries, as a positive story in the News.

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